How To Download An Apk From A Browser?

There are many applications that you will not find on the play store and your apple store. For downloading them, you have to download the apk of that app. You can find this apk on the internet. Almost all the apps that are available on the play store or not provide their apk.

It is effortless to download the apk from the browser, but sometimes it gets tricky too. These are some steps that you should follow to download the apk from the browser.

Visit the browser on your devices on which you want to download that app. 

  • After that, search for the name of the app in the search tab
  • When you search with the name, you get to see any website that provides you this apk.
  • Click on any of the websites to download the apk which you feel is genuine.
  • After clicking on a particular website or link, a next page will appear on which you will see various apk of the same app are present.
  • Click on that version of apk that you feel will satisfy your needs. There you will find the option of downloading the apk
  • Click on that option, and you are done with the downloading of the apk

Once the apk is downloaded, you need to install that on your device to make that application appear on the home screen. Downloading the apk will not cause the website to run. After downloading the apk click on the apk. Your device will need permission to open the apk. You have to visit the setting of your device and allow the setting so that you can open the apk. On opening the apk, you will see the option of installing the apk. Click on the install button, and the website will be downloaded on your device.